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“Limited or no connectivity” on a Bridged win2003/xp VM network adapter (VMWare)

Struggled with this for quite some time! The information/fixes I found on the web either didn’t work but the following did thanks to a really helpful video I came across.

If you Run the VMWare’s Network Editor (Program Files (x86)\VMWare\{Player or WorkStation}\vmnetcfg.exe and bind it directly to your network adaptor ( or wireless adaptor). So instead of Bridge to “Automatic”, I ended up setting mine to my “Realtec Ethernet Adaptor”

The link to the original video I cam across : How to fix bridged networking in VMware player

Prior to this I also had success by Initialising the TCP/IP stack in XP:

1. Start | Run : netsh int ip reset c:\resetlog.txt
2. Reboot

You can also run the same command in Vista/Win 7 in a command prompt (as administrator) if needed.

I needed this when I had “limited or no connectivity” on my Bridged VMWare network interface

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