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Clean Spooler (CLEANSPL.EXE) is a utility for removing all printing components from the spooler. If printer drivers, spool files, or other spooler components become corrupt, this tool deletes them, allowing these

components to be reinstalled later. When cleaning the spooler, all registry keys for printer drivers, printers, ports, port monitors, and print processors are deleted. In addition, the printer driver files, spool files, print and processor files are deleted.




As a reference, before removing any components, the spooler registry information can be saved to a file. Exporting this information as a .REG. file and then renaming the file with a .TXT. extension allows you to use it as a guide when reinstalling the printers and other printing components.


To use the Cleanspl.exe tool to clean corrupted printer drivers, spool files and other spooler components, please follow these steps:


1) Download the 2003 Resource Kit from Microsoft (link below):



2) Extract the zip file, you will see Cleanspl.exe and PRINT_DEFAULT.reg


3) Run the Cleanspl.exe and click “Clean Spooler” and click Yes to Start.


4) Click Yes on each notification and restart your computer.


5) When computer boots up, the print sub-system will be cleaned-up.


6) Double click PRINT_DEFAULT.reg to restore default Printer Monitor.


7) Restart the server





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